Snowmen and stories

Merry Christmas!

I've made my mom's Christmas card every year since college...and here is this years!

I love watercolor, man!

Fun fact: I killed my best (and virtually only) paintbrush by accidentally using it in masking fluid. (I have a different brush that I usually use for masking)  This caused me to freak out and there are no *convenient* art supply stores nearby.  Which sucks. I ended up buying a couple of the least terrible brushes at the local craft store, but they aren't the same...

Fun fact #2: the colors of the quilt are loosely based on a quilt I actually made. (I quilt as a hobby)


Life-drawing session 1

Two months ago I semi-redesigned this blog without really giving a thought as to what I want it to be.  All I knew is that I wanted to get back into drawing, but really just spent my time seeking out other artist's work online (a worthy activity, but it doesnt really help me improve my own work...)

A couple weeks ago, I decided to just dive in and start.  I found a local life drawing co-op, and went to a life drawing session.  Loads of fun! Though, I had forgotten how hard it is on my back to sit on those metal stools with a hard-to-adjust easel that is positioned *just* wrong enough...

Anyways, here is the results of my session, I'm going to post all of it in the interest of recording progress - I have no illusions that this stuff is any good!

Warning:  The model was nude (male), although I made little attempt to draw anything explicit.  So if Ken doll style nudity offends, you have been warned.

quick poses (I forgot to write down how long, they ranged from 1-5 minutes)


10-20 minute poses

30-45 minutes